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Fair Meat


More and more people turn to vegetarian, and even vegan, alternatives when choosing what to eat. The meat industry has a high impact on the environment, being one of the contributors to global warming, plus taking up huge slots of land that, if had been planted with cereals, legumes or vegetables, would have been able to feed many more. When a big part f the world's population is starving, and the environment is on the verge of breaking at the point of no return, it is comforting to see this vegan trend spreading.

Another aspect is, of course, animal welfare. Animals are suffering in factories, exposed to human brutality and total lack of empathy. The more aware we get concerning the lives we ruin, the more of a bitter aftertaste the meat tends to have in our mouths.

We are not carnivores

Now, people have always eaten meat, it lies in our nature. Even if we are not carnivores, we are "all-eaters", many of really enjoy a tender steak; a juicy burger or a nice meat stew from time to time, and perhaps that could be justified. How? There are a few ways.

Buy your meat responsibly

When you need to buy meat, eggs and milk at the grocery store the key is to choose fair products. You want the animals to have lived under humane circumstances - having been able to enjoy life. You also need to know that they have been slughtered under equally humane circumstances. Some meat farmers also make sure to compensate the environment for the  carbon dioxide emissions they produce - that's another thing you could watch out for. If you are not ready to go completely vegan, please buy your meat products with this type of caution.

Eat less meat; pay more for fair options, and be grateful to the lives being sacrificed for your wellbeing. But please remeber, there are plenty of plant-based options out there today, so similar to meat, you won't know the difference.